Bridegrooms Stripped Bare by Their Bachelorettes

The painting is the story of a space representing scenes and bodies. Space is not only constituted by the picture but also in the surface of the canvas and the frame, as well as in the inner life of each thing that is of a depth that could never be suspected. Space is in matter and also in gesture.


Without denying the eternal validity of the images created by the artist, the materials contain their own images. There are inherent metaphors to things. Matter forms the sensitive part of perceptible objects. It is possible to explore the materiality in its depth and in the ability of the media to sketch certain forms. This is how the social space with its scenes and actors emerges from things forming a fundamental crack inside reality.


The paintings that make up Mystery of Painting… are made with fabrics, paillettes, furs, leathers, vinyls, zippers, spring snaps, buttons and velcro, among other materials that male strippers use in their performances. Their clothes form a series of abstract paintings, some monochromatic or stained, others lyrical or geometric. 


However, it is the fabrics and their ornaments, with their surfaces and crevices that make up a scene, but not an abstract one, but a concrete one, the night culture and professional nudists. The body-made pictures are arranged as a series of performances that invite the viewer to reveal their secret. The body of the painting is full of doors to enter inside. The passage from abstraction to figuration.


Zippers, snaps and fasteners relate to the strip game and the behaviors of audience members to this dance. Behavior not part of everyday life but brought out into reality from the subconscious during a striptease. Just as the snaps and zippers are manipulated by the audience during the stripper show depicted in paintings, the fabric shapes invite the audience to manipulate the snaps and zippers on the piece.  Curiosity will control the extent the audience becomes involved in the paintings and in the gallery.


The paintings always harbor a mystery to be revealed by the way we look at them. The pictures are signs and indications of something that is not obvious. These bodies need to be touched, opened in a ritual, to reach inside to the explicit images

with sexual content. There are pictures inside the painting that are visible only through the opening of buttons, zippers and velcro. When you open the picture you can see scenes of males stripped bare by the bachelorettes.