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Syd Krochmalny is an artist, writer, researcher, professor, curator and musician interested in experimental art that focuses on the relationship between aesthetics, technology, philosophy and civic and environmental engagement.


Syd challenges the current aesthetic paradigms and propose new ways of seeing, interpreting reality, innovating artistic procedures and thinking about the future of art and the world from a critical and original perspective.


His contribution to the global culture lies in the deep and his original combination of contemporary art, literature, technology, activism and academic achievements. His complete body of work contains the articulation of experimental art procedures for the production of knowledge, experience and cultural changes. 

In the last 20 years he was working on 11 thesis related to:


Mankind Extinction (2021 to present)

Quantum Vanguards (2018 to present)

Theoretical paintings (2017 to present)

The language of the stones: art, language, consciousness and ontology (2016-2022)

Objectivist-subjectivist poetry (2016)

Hate Speech (2014-2022),

Alternative history (2014)

Creative Sociology (2002-2014)

Gender Performance Studies (2006-2021)

Technologies of Friendship (2004-2019)

Experimental Communities (2003-2019).

His work multimedia work (visual art, writings, paintings, films, performances, music, etc.) has been exhibited at  Parque de la MemoriaUniversity of OsloThe University of Edinburgh, the Museo Reina Sofia, the Malba, the Americas Society, the Guggenheim, among others.


In addition to his own academic pursuits Krochmalny has been a key figure in the art education culture in Buenos Aires, as an artist and contributor of the Center for Artistic Research (CIA), which has groomed a large number of Argentina's most prominent artists to date.  


Krochmalny  was a part of several magazine projects including editor of the magazine and subsequent book, ramona, co-founder and editor of the magazine, Jennifer, and co-founder and editor of the CIA magazine for the, Center for Artistic Research (CIA), an Art Masters Program in Buenos Aires.

Krochmalny also had the honor of receiving a scholarship to complete his Postdoctoral Studies at Columbia University in New York City. Krochmalny recieved his P.h.D in Social Sciences, his masters degree in Communication and Culture, and his bachelor in Sociology at University of Buenos Aires.


He was awarded with a postdoctoral and a doctoral fellowship by the Argentinian Research Council CONICET at the Institute of the Theory and History of Art Julio Payró in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the University of Buenos Aires.


He is also a Professor and Researcher and has worked in The Gino Germani Institute, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, in the Phd Programs at The Latin American Council of Social Sciences (Clacso) -an international non-governmental institution, created in 1967 from an initiative of UNESCO-, at the Master Degree for Latin American Art at University of Avellaneda, at the Masters in Curatorial Studies at Eseade, he also was an associate Professor at University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires -Summer PEAL, Argentine and Latin American Studies Program, among others.

Syd gave lectures at Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, Rutgers University, University of Oslo, Edinburgh University, Stirling University,  Americas Society, among others.


Recently Syd has been exploring the empowering economic capabilities of NFT's for artists around the world. Most recently Syd showed his NFT series at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, and curated the NFT gallery at Wisdome Art Park for the NFTLA conference in Los Angeles, California. 


ramona: debates on art at the end of millennium, Mansalva, 2022.

Cryptocurrency and Sovereignty, Money tensions in the 21st century, prologue, UNDAV editions, 2022.

Hate Babel, introduction and edition by Luis Garcia, Syd Krochmalny, Roberto Jacoby, among others, Museum of Language and Books, National Library, 2022.

The Size of My World, Mansalva, 2021.

DREAMS. Gino Germani in the magazine Idilio with photomontages of Grete Stern, 2017.

Weak, Pánico el pánico, 2017.

Journals of Hate, n direcciones, 2016.

Intervene culture. Beyond cultural policies at the Book Fair, Mario Margulis, Marcelo Urresty, Hugo Lewin, Syd Krochmalny, and others, 2014.

The plots of the present, Mario Margulis, Marcelo Urresti, Hugo Lewin, Syd Krochmalny, and others, 2009.

Family, Habitat and Sexuality in Buenos Aires: Research from the Cultural Dimension, Mario Margulis, Marcelo Urresti, Hugo Lewin, Syd Krochmalny, and others, 2007.


Krochmalny's recent exhibitions include:


  • Crypto Psychedelic, NFT, SXSW, Austin Texas, March 2022.

  • Think NFT, curator, NFLA, Los Angeles, April 2022.

  • Useless Landscapes, Perkins, Philadelphia, June-July, 2022.

  • Useless Landscapes, The Noyes Museum, Atlantic City, October 2020 to 2021.

  • Bridegrooms stripped bare by their bachelorette, Gallery 50 Inc,  New Jersey, February 2020.

  • Diarios del odio, Lo prometido es deuda,  Cultural Center of Memory Haroldo Conti, Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2019 to February 2020.

  • Diarios del Odio, Proyecto Casamario en el Subte, April 11th to July 7th 2019, Montevideo Uruguay.

  • Hate in America, A selection of works by Syd Krochmalny curated by Alexandra Goldman at Senaspace, New York, September 13 - October 27, 2018.

  • Arte Bebo, show was curated by  Syd Krochmalny. It features artwork by 21 “cultural agents” from Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas (CIA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gallery 50 Inc, New Jersey, August 2018.

  • Assemblage #10 Engager le corps; Julio artist-run space, Paris, France, February 24th to March 17th 2018. 

  • Guiñadas Gráciles: Looking Out for the Queer in Latin American Video Art, organized by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard, October 23, 2017 to April 10, 2018, and curated by Joaquin Terrones, Preceptor in Expository Writing at the Harvard College Writing Program and Lecturer in Literature and Women's and Gender Studies at MIT.

  • Useless Landscapes, Gallery 50 inc, New Jersey, 2017.

  • VIA VIVA, Los Angeles, Curated by Alina Perkins, September 2017.  

  • Journals of Hate, installation, Universidad General Sarmiento, 2017. 

  • Journals of Hate, installation, El Gran Vidrio, Córdoba, 2017.  

  • Journals of Hate, installation, Parque de la Memoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016.

  • Journals of Hate, installation, at Centro de Experimentación Contemporánea, Rosario, Argentina, 2016.

  • Blanchot in Buenos Aires (or The Writing to Come), Biblioteca Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015.

  • The Yggdrasill, Installation, Gallery 50 Inc., New Jersey, United States, 2015.

  • The Naked Soul, Gallery 50 Inc., New Jersey, United States, 2014.

  • The Politics of Friendship and Confrontation, Morus, NYC, United States, 2014.

  • The Origin of The World, ISA, Yokohama, Conference Center, Japan, 2014.

  • Journals of Hate, National Fund for the Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014.

  • Trucado, Sculpture, El ojo errante, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014.

  • The Naked Soul, ECO/UFRJ, Escola de Comunicação da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 2013.

  • The Naked Soul, Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013.

  • The Naked Soul, Augustine United Church, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013.

  • The Origin of The World, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Stirling, Scotland, 2013.

  • The Politics of Friendship and Confrontation, International Sociological Association (ISA Forum), Buenos Aires, 2012.

  • The North is not going to be up, it is going to be all South, Oslo University, in collaboration with Judi Werthein, Oslo, Norway, 2011.

  • Chastity, in Desire is Born Out of the Collapse, Reina Sofía Museum, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011. 

  • Social Portraits, Proa Foundation, in collaboration with Tomás Espina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010.

  • Social Portraits, Spilimbergo Museum, in collaboration with Tomás Espina, 2009.

  • The Round Table, University of Buenos Aires, 2009.

  • Baño Revolution, University of Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Nacho Marciano, 2009.

  • Chastity, Barocruz Gallery, San Pablo, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, 2008.

  • Chastity, Pinacoteca San Pablo, in collaboration with Roberta Jacoby, 2008.

  • Beginning with Bang Americas Society, New York, 2007.

  • Chastity, video at Ouro Sentimental, MAC de Niterol, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in collaboration with Roberts Jacoby, 2007.

  • Chastity, video installation, Negatec, Fundación Espacio Telefónica, Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby 2007.

  • The Lake Blood, video performance, RIAA Ostend, Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, 2007. Chastity, Harvard University Department of Romance Languages ​​and Literatures, in collaboration with Roberta Jacoby 2007.

  • Chastity, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers University, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, 2007.

  • Technologies of Friendship, 3 Philosophical Banquets, Periférica, CCBorges, Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, 2006. 

  • One Square Meter, Project V, Open Studio, Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, 2006

  • Papyrus painting in a square meter, Project Venus, Open Studio, Buenos Aires, 2006. 

  • What madness!  site-specific installation, Carlos Keen, 2006.

  • Dark, Sad and Dark, photography, Colgada, Belleza y Felicidad, 2006. 

  • Diagonal photography and painting, Municipality of Mar del Plata, 2006. 

  • Shipwrecks I photography, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, 2004. 

  • Shipwrecks and photography, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, 2003.


Performance (2017-2019):

Journals of Hate (Theatrical performance) by Syd Krochmalny & Roberto Jacoby directed by Silvio Lang.


Universidad General Sarmiento, 2017.

Centro Cultural Paco Urondo, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2017.

Sala Caras y Caretas, 2018.

Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti, 2018.

Avellaneda University, 2019.

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