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Language: Spanish

Poetry Book.

Publisher House: Pánico el Pánico

Pages: 78

April 2017

"In a post-patriarchal and creative economy, the weak man has no fixed values. Their adaptation to the relations of production is changing and unreliable, like the influence of the zodiacal signs. The weak man, given to successive projects with his laptop open in a bar, is always at the leap of possibilities: a scholarship in another continent, a new work group, a temporary tenant, an exchange student who appeared in the chat. "No one can plead his own awkwardness," said the Roman patriarchs; the weak man does not defend himself by saying that things are not as before. If work absorbs words and consumes the whole of life, who speaks of love, it simulates; who argues principles, tries to persuade another. The mere idea of ​​a fixed income and the possibility of founding a marriage are lost as mirages on the horizon; the weak man continues and opens doors in the labyrinth of the productive cycle, without looking back and without recognizing himself in his words of yesterday".

Backcover by Claudio Iglesias

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