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  Journals of Hate

Language: Spanish

Poetry Book.

Publisher House: n direcciones

Pages: 59

August 2016

For the editing of the poems that form Diarios del odio, we started with Roberto Jacoby and Syd Krochmalny from a very large mass of texts that they had produced starting from the textual park of the comments of online newspaper readers in Argentina. The whole, virtually, could be infinite, in terms of the possibility of replication of the procedure and extension to different topics associated each time to organize trans-scripts. During the editing work, however, we have been limiting the number of texts with the intention of giving the resulting publication a physiognomy close to the notion more or less crystallized today as "book of poems". It is that this material does not want to be just the document of a transtextual procedure with political and / or documentary value but also pretends to be read as "poems", putting the ear in the zone of ambiguity that the statements have, and facing us to chance more horrifying realization that pushes us to constantly question the categories and parameters with which we value art: that the language embodies and adopts rhythms that communicate it at times with the most interesting of our literature, even in the sewer of these comments. The order and selection of texts, in this sense, seek to contribute to the sensation of such a journey.

Gerardo Jorge, Editor.

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