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CIA Magazine

Language: Spanish

Art Magazine.

Publisher House: Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas

Editor: Syd Krochmalny

Pages: 500

2011 to now

CIA (Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas) is a platform for crosses, realization of projects, theoretical and practical training, encounter, debate and transmission of contemporary art designed for the confluence of genres and disciplines. It seeks that artists and thinkers from different parts of the world, with special emphasis on Latin America, can delineate the changing cultural maps of a decisive historical moment.

Encabezado 1

Jennifer Magazine

Language: Spanish

Art and Political Magazine.

Editor: Claudio Iglesias and Syd Krochmalny

2016 to now

Modest magazine of art and news also known as "the bag of cats" and as "Breitbart of Buenos Aires" launchs a issue peer week.

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